Products to increase your Wifi speed & range

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Products to increase your Wifi speed & range

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 13, 2017 1:52 am

Below are options for products that will help increase the speed and range for your wifi. A lot of us have all in one routers from our cable companies that just aren't getting enough speed to our Renegade's. These cheap routers are not meant for high end streaming and often don't get enough speed to your Renegade.

Before you purchase any upgrades make sure you try all of our trouble shooting steps with your current hardware as it might be as simple as switching to your 5G signal.

#1. This first device will help you get better speed and range to your Renegade for around $40 if you buy a used one.

I strongly recommend this for all models but the Pro, it's a very inexpensive way to get ore speed to your unit.

#2. We also strongly recommended a high end router which is great if you have several wifi devices in your house. There are several types of Nighthawk routers and you can go with any version, the more expensive models are pretty much for bigger homes. You won't be disappointed with the Nighthawk, it's a great router and will increase the speed and range of your Renegade along with other devices in your house.

#3. Getting your own modem is the final step but not necessary. This will save usually around $10 a month on your internet bill as you won't have to pay the rental fee to your internet company.


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