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Frequently asked questions

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:15 pm

Am I able to download?
• We Do NOT support any Downloading!

How many TV's will Renegade work on?
•   Each receiver works with one TV at a time but the unit is so small it can easily be moved into other rooms.

Where Can I use my Renegade TV Box?
•  Renegade works worldwide wherever internet is available.

Does Renegade work with a hotspot?
•  Yes Renegade does work with hotspots. Try it next time you are camping.

Is Renegade safe to use?
•  Yes most definitely. Streaming media is the ability to view content that already exists on the Internet. Many people get confused between downloading, which is illegal depending on licensing, uploading copyright material, which is illegal without licensing, and copying or selling material which is illegal. However, streaming and watching without downloading is legal. Renegade does not download, upload, copy, or store any Media. In fact it has no connection or association with the websites that host or store any media content. Renegade simply provides the navigation to connect with the websites and temporarily streams the data. The Data, Movie, or TV shows, passes through your Internet cables, through Renegade to your TV is watched by you but it is never stored, copied, or retained

Should I use WiFi or a Cable to connect my Renegade?
•  If Ethernet is available try running speed test on the Renegade box using Ethernet and Wireless and select the one that has the best speed.

Can I watch Netflix exclusive shows on Renegade?
•  Yes. If it’s aired somewhere you can watch it on Renegade.

Should I cancel my existing Satellite or cable TV Provider?
•  That is entirely up to you. Your Renegade can provide all the same viewing material and much more, but requires a different viewing habit that network viewing provides. You can easily cut them back to the very basic service, everything else can be viewed on your Renegade as long as you have a good quality broadband Internet connections.

Should I turn my box off or leave it on all the time?
•  This is a user preference.   Each has its pros and cons, there is no right answer.  If you leave your box on all the time, its good practice to click the red KODI button on your remote twice to refresh KODI before using it for the day.


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