Renegade vs Firesticks vs Roku

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Renegade vs Firesticks vs Roku

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 13, 2017 6:51 pm

Renegade vs Roku
• Renegade offers
Updated firmware. You are assured that the software running inside is up to date and contains the latest programs.
Customized channel list for its massive database of movies, TV shows, sports, cartoons, etc., all of which are updated weekly. You can watch most movies and shows in HD, including those seen in cable programs.
PPV channels including special sporting events that you can watch without having to worry about buffering and loading times.
Cheat sheets to help get you get started ASAP in enjoying your Renegade box.
Custom remote control designed to give you maximum use and enjoyment of all Renegade features.
24-7 customer support with “Live Chat.” Anytime you need help with your viewing pleasure, there will always be someone to help you enjoy the full experience. Customer feedback on Renegades hotline has been consistently overwhelming. We can say that this is one area that it definitely excels in.
Most of these features may also be found in Roku, but it’s not only the positives that we have to focus on.
• Roku is reputed to suffer from these:
Many channels are not appealing and cater only to the interests of few individuals.
Very limited sports/games selection.
Has trouble streaming your own media files.
Lack of support
Buggy user interface.
These Roku drawbacks are not found in Renegade.
Bottom line Renegade has custom sports channels multiple movie channels multiple live TV channels. All for a one-time fee.

Fire sticks vs Renegade
Here are a couple key things to think about with Fire Sticks.

1. Kodi used to be available on Apple TV'S until one day they pushed an update that stopped users from installing it. Fire Sticks are working on the same update.
2. They are very cheap but something most sellers of them don't tell you is that because they have no way of updating you have to take them back to the person you bought it from and pay to get them reloaded which is similar to running the wizard for us.
3. Renegade has a team of over ten keeping up with all the new add-ons and changes in Kodi, we update the wizard sometimes daily to keep up with all the changes.
4. Fire Sticks aren't not made to run Kodi, they are jail broken so they can while Renegade only purpose is to run Kodi and that's why it runs so much smoother. We have a custom Kodi that is like a tuned up engine with turbo.
5. No fire stick can get our premium add-ons like Channel Up or SportsAccess unless the end user pays the $15-$20 month usual cost that is free to our customers only for these add-ons.
6. Last but not least the simple fact of Kodi is most don't have the knowledge to keep up with Kodi and even if they do they surely don't have the time. Trust me it's a lot of work. So when you buy a Renegade you don't have to worry about any of that, you just run the wizard every so often..
Oh yeah, almost forgot. We explain Fire Sticks as dead on arrival as they will never work as good as they do the first day. Imagine getting your Renegade 3 or 6 months ago and never running the wizard. Think of all the new add-ons in that time or current that have had to be updated to start working again that you wouldn't have today.

It's all very simple in this case, you get exactly what you pay for!

I would like to add to this, for all current Renegade customers imagine if every time you ran the wizard to update your Renegade instead you had to take your Fire Stick into the person to reload it or send it to them in the mail. How crazy would that be??

Also something Fire Stick sellers don't tell their customers is that when it needs to be reloaded they charge you more money to do it!! Renegade has zero cost after purchase, we will never charge our customers for updates that by the way we do on a daily basis as anyone advanced in Kodi knows it changes that fast. The only way someone with a Fire Stick could keep us with us is to have the stick reloaded everyday but that's impossible!

So sure you might only pay a few bucks for one but after paying to have it reloaded a few times you are at the cost of a Renegade. Bottom line is anyone selling a Fire Stick is a small time one man show trying to make a quick buck, you get what you pay for. Everyone knows that, when you buy Renegade you can buy with confidence.

Last but not least nobody has our channel lineup with our premium add-ons that would cost end users over $80 a month for free on Renegade!


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