My wifi or ethernet will not connect or appear

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My wifi or ethernet will not connect or appear

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 13, 2017 1:48 am

My wifi network does not appear
1) Is your router to close to your Renegade?  If its within 5 feet, try moving them away from each other or better yet connect your Renegade to your router via ethernet...
2) In the wifi settings on your Renegade, turn the wifi off and then back on again. (toggle on/off button in the top right corner)
* Still not working?  If not then proceed to step 3
3) Reboot all 3 devices (modem, router, and Renegade)
Click this link if you want steps on how to reboot these
* Still not working?  Once all three devices have fully booted back up (about 3-5 minutes) If not then proceed to step 4
4) while on the android home screen (press the home button on your remote) scroll right to the 2nd page and choose advanced/more settings/wifi/generate the list of available networks/if your network does not appear then wait on this screen for 1 -2 min and see if it appears/if not in the top right corner you can choose to manually connect to network and type in your network name


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