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TV Guide Fix & info

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 13, 2017 2:52 am

We have a TV Guide for Renegade users.  Current requirements are below:
As of January 3, 2017 The Guide is still in Beta and not perfect

You must be on the New OTA Rom version 8.0.2.  Follow this link for Updating OTA.

You also must have your date and time set on auto in Android home page settings.

If it get stuck at 0 seconds or any number for more then 1 min then back out and Reload Guide.

If you get no programming do the the TV Guide fix.

TV Guide fix

1) Highlight TV Guide
2) Press menu button
3) Scroll down to Echo TV Guide Settings
4) Scroll right to Maintenance
5) Scroll down to Reset TV Guide files (database ini and xml)
6) Scroll down to Delete addons.ini file (Will force close ini download next launch)
7) Press the return button
Load TV Guide

If you still can not Guide to work or show a silver color guide.  Run Renegade wizard to get correct TV Guide.

How to run your Wizard
•  Inside KODI go into Press OK on Wizard or Trending.  Note: You will be prompted with 2 questions. 1st one say yes to update your wizard. The 2nd to installing adult addons. Say yes or no
* if saying no to the adult addons then you will either need to clear data or manually delete each adult addon.
if you Do Not want adult addons then follow the steps on this post below


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