How can i change my weather location & or Time Zone?

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How can i change my weather location & or Time Zone?

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 13, 2017 2:48 am

How do I set my weather to my city?
• You can change your weather. You just have to turn the setting off then set it. Setting has on for auto set and off for manual set. Home button/weather/press ok to turn off/press down twice to United States/ press ok/press right to city/scroll down to city /press ok/press right to confirm/press ok

My Date and Time keep resetting and my weather says New York
• Press home on remote goto time/date and change zone/ turn off auto and turn it back on just to confirm it read your suggestion. Do this for both timezone settings.

Did you follow the step in Bold to "turn auto off and back on"?

If this still doesn't work then turn off both auto settings for time and date and weather

S3 users and those with an outdated OTA or those random cases stating that your timezone keeps resetting follow steps below


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