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Post by Admin on Fri Jan 13, 2017 2:41 am

My screen size is small when watching a stream.
•  You can click either the Zoom button or the 16:9 button on your remote.  If your screen is just one side of your tv then double click the red Kodi button and you shours be good.

How do I fast forward/reverse?
•  Press right arrow to fast forward a little. Press left arrow to reverse a little.
•  Press up arrow to fast forward by 10 minutes. Press down arrow to reverse by 10 minutes.

How do I go to a particular time in a movie or show?
•  If you want to go to a particular part of a show/movie (excluding live TV) enter the time in 6 digits and click OK. The first 2 digits represent hour, 2nd 2 digits represent minutes and 3rd 2 digits represent seconds. For example you want to forward to 1:15 into a movie enter 011500 and click OK

How long does it take to watch new movie releases in theater?
•  Every movie is different. Some are released on the box before it hits theaters. Some come out in CAM format first then show up in HD with hard coded sub titles then finally HD with no hard coded sub titles.

How do I watch TV show/Movie trailers?
•  Highlight any TV show episode or movie and click i (info button on remote) and select play trailer.
- or if you are old school. Highlight the episode or Movie,  press menu on your remote and then trailer.  
How do I add my favorite TV shows in an addon?
•  Highlight any TV show and click menu on remote. Select add to addon favourites(may have the addon name here). These will be stored inside the addon/TV shows or Movies/favorites assuming the addon has this feature. You can do the same for movies.
If you like favorites then you should consider using trakt.tv.  click the link below for details.  

How do I delete an Addon?
•  Highlight the Addon, press menu or C on your remote.  Choose Addon Setting then uninstall.

How do I add or install an Addon? Such as Disney JR, Icefilms, Vodlocker and hundreds more.
•  Looking for addons like Icefilms, istream,, and vodlocker?  We have too many addons to have them all pre installed but we have hundreds  available for you to install with ease as you need. Just follow the steps below.
•  Go into your video addons which is located under trending/add-ons then push up or go to the very bottom and click the words “Get More”.  Scroll thru the list and find what you wish to install.  Click okay on the addon and choose install.  Once done installing you will see that addon updated in the top left corner.  Now you can click launch or push back/return and click the addon you just installed.  This will remain in your addons section.

How do I install Android Apps like Plex, Netflix, Amazon, etc?
•  From Android Home Screen (1st screen when you power on the box).  Go to Apps/play store/login or create account/scroll or search in top right/install and accept
Now open kodi / tools/android apps/highlight your app/press menu/add to favorites

Resume or skip ahead on TV show or Movie
•  To resume you must have watched at least 10% of the video and not more than 85% and you should be prompted to resume where you left off.  
•  You can skip ahead to an exact time by using the numbers trick.  The time is done in minutes and seconds.  Say you want to skip ahead to 32 minutes, 0 secs.  Press 3200 enter or okay.  Ex: 65 min, 12 secs.  Type 6512 ok.

How do I watch Sports/Games replays?
•  You have Tons of options for Live Sports and their Replays.  Depending on the event/game this could take anywhere from 1 day to couple weeks to appear in the replays.  Usually within 1-4 days.
•  Start with the Sports Tab, here you can scroll thru the submenu and look for your sport.  Don’t see what you are looking for then look in the Sports Top 7 or in Video Addons for Tons of additional options.


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